What are Uber’s Car requirements?

When you buy a car to drive for Uber, it will need to have four doors, air conditioning, and be less than 10 years old. That’s not all you should consider though.

What’s inside the best Uber cars?

If you’re spending long days in your car, and you want the repeat business of your customers, you’ll want to make sure that the inside of the car is super comfortable.

  • Things to think about include the comfort of the seats and climate control. Dual-zone air conditioning or independent climate settings for the passenger could be a nice addition as well. Choosing a car with an automatic transmission might help you to drive more smoothly too.
  • It makes a difference if there’s plenty of headroom in the back seats, as well as leg and knee room. If you are a taller driver, you’ll tend to scoot your seat back further, reducing the space available to the passenger behind you.
  • When considering cars to buy for Uber, you want to make sure there will be enough space in the back once your seat is in the right position. Get this right at the beginning by adjusting your driver’s seat, then sitting in the rear seat behind the driver to see if there’s still enough space.

What else do you need to consider?


The more time you spend on the road, the more you increase your likelihood of being in an accident. You’ll want to have a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, but also check for added extras like parking sensors and a reversing camera. By avoiding any dings in traffic, you’ll protect not just your car and your passengers, but your reputation and pride too.

Running costs and insurance

You’re driving Uber to make extra money, so if your fees are eaten up by your servicing, fuel and insurance costs, it defies the point of driving Uber at all. The best Uber cars will help you maximise the profits you make.


It’s no surprise that hybrid cars are a popular choice with full-time Uber drivers. Reducing your fuel costs will maximise your profits, making hybrids some of the best Uber cars.

Getting a 5-star rating

Going the extra mile to stand out can help you to maintain a good rating. Some additions to Uber cars used by the top-ranking Australian Uber drivers include a massage chair, wi-fi, books, an iPad for music and films, a disco ball, and a mobile tablet with YouTube, free-to-air TV and Foxtel.

Cars to buy for Uber

Whether you’re buying a vehicle through a car loan or from your own savings, it is important to make the most out of your investment.

Driving for Uber requires you to maximise your income by ensuring that you stay booked when you’re available, and you’re not wasting money on fuel or car loan costs. Pay attention to the car’s fuel-efficiency and maintenance value.

Here are the five best Uber cars:

The standard Prius automatic transmission reduces the jerkiness of the ride for passengers and allows you to focus on the traffic around you and when you’re chatting with your passengers. In the US and UK, Prius is the dominant choice for Uber drivers, mostly because of the huge fuel savings.

It is a tight fit for three adults in the back, and for additional ride comfort, you might choose the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which is better over bumps and a bit faster. Expect the battery to last you around 10 years, plenty of time for lots of Uber trips.

Image courtesy of Cars Guide

This is one of the best Uber cars you can buy, in either hatch or sedan you can fit two adults, or squeeze in three across back seats. It has a tiny turning circle, and with great fuel economy and an unbeatable reputation for reliability, it makes a smart UberX choice.

There’s even the option for a panoramic roof, allowing passengers a whole new perspective as you drive.

Image courtesy of Drive

The big advantage of this luxury car is its ultra-low fuel consumption, at just 2.1L per 100km. It has a 65kW electric motor coupled to a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that powers the rear wheels in total silence at low speeds. It’s still quite an expensive car to purchase, but if you’re making some extra money towards it with Uber, it could work out perfectly.

In addition to great fuel economy, it’s super-quiet and comfortable, plus you can pre-condition the cabin temperature remotely using the app, so it’s air-conditioned when you get in. You can make a little more with Uber Select rides too.

Image courtesy of Car Sales

This relaxed sedan with European style is pretty cheap to run and maintain, plus it has all the creature comforts that you and your passengers will appreciate, including idle stop/start to conserve fuel and prolong the engine life, rear air vents, rain-sensing wipers and nine airbags for safety.

Image courtesy of Cars Guide

Cheap to purchase and to maintain under the seven-year warranty with 12 monthly (or 15,000km) capped price servicing, this car is affordable and fits all the requirements for an UberX.

It’s not the most spacious car but you can fit three adults in the back, and it makes the perfect affordable choice if Uber is your side gig rather than your primary income.

Remember that unless you are buying a car to be a full-time Uber driver, you’ll want something that suits your needs when you are ‘off-duty’ too.

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If you’re looking to upgrade to a car that’s Uber-friendly, you can get a car loan for all the best Uber cars to get you out on the road making money quickly.

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