Buy the perfect car and save thousands!

We have long-term relationships with car sellers all over Australia, which means we can get big discounts for individual private buyers.

Once we know what sort of car you want, we go to work finding the best deal for you.

Vehicle Sourcing – How does it work?

  1. You tell us the vehicle you’re looking at purchasing
  2. We scour the Australian car market, then engage with the sellers to get you the best offers
  3. We negotiate with the vehicle seller to get you the best price possible
  4. You accept the deal that’s right for you
  5. Positive Lending Solutions can arrange delivery, or you can go and pick up your new car yourself
  6. You start celebrating!

Why shouldn’t you go and find your own car?

This is just an additional service we provide because our number one priority from the moment you contact us is to make sure you’re happy.

Of course, there are issues you’ll have to contend with if you decide to search for your dream car yourself:

  1. You may not have all the information you need, and end up feeling car buyers remorse due to lack of education and information about the car you want.
  2. Visiting car dealerships is frustrating and time consuming.
  3. Negotiating a price with an experienced car salesman can be a tough and intimidating experience.
  4. Car dealers don’t have you as their number one priority, they want the best deal for themselves.
  5. You need to be sure the car you want is covered by the terms of your loan.
  6. You should organise for the car to be checked before purchasing to make sure you’re buying a decent car, at your own expense.

What should you do now?

They can talk you through the kinds of loans available to you, which one is right, and how we go about finding you the perfect car once your loan has been approved.

If you’d rather we call you, simply fill out our Quick Quote form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Good luck!

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