Why drive a Jeep?

Owning a Jeep opens up undiscovered opportunities for exploration. Go places you never thought you could, and get back again. Jeep owners can follow their heart without fear, getting back safely from a weekend exploring uncharted trails every time.

Where will your next adventure take you? Whether it’s a desert exploration or mountain heights, get out there and explore with a Jeep purchased with the best Jeep finance.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your Jeep car loan?

A Jeep car loan from Positive Lending Solutions will get you the keys faster, with a better deal on Jeep finance.

  • Using a car loan broker, rather than a bank or car dealer, you’ll get a larger choice of Jeep car loans to maximise your savings.
  • Exceptional Jeep car loans from recognised leading lenders.
  • Talk to someone who’s local.
  • Faster approvals and settlements through our custom technology and lender connections – don’t wait for an answer.
  • Too busy, or not sure what you need? Use our vehicle sourcing service and have us find, check and deliver your new Jeep.

At Positive Lending Solutions, you can be confident that your lending manager will listen carefully to exactly what you need and deliver a Jeep car loan that fits your finances perfectly.

Your Jeep car loan

Getting the right car loan to buy your chosen Jeep is easy.

  1. Save up to 17% on Jeep finance.
  2. 90% of applications are approved within 24 hours.
  3. Buy dealer new, secondhand or private sale.
  4. Self-employed or low-income? No worries!
  5. Get Jeep finance anywhere from your mobile phone.
  6. Same-day loan settlement as your Jeep car loan contracts will be emailed right to you.
  7. Choose how you want to communicate – SMS, email or telephone!

Talk to our friendly staff on 1300 722 210 about getting your easy Jeep car loan.

Most Popular Jeep:

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Built in Detroit, USA, this family four-wheel-drive is equipped for serious off-road exploration, heavy-duty towing, and even comfortable urban driving.

2017 marks the biggest upgrade to the model in seven years, with all new infotainment, safety features and a five-year ‘there-and-back’ warranty.

Choose the 2018 model Trackhawk for stunning on-road and track performance backed by huge power and torque.

Image courtesy of Jeep

2. Jeep Wrangler

Image courtesy of Car Advice

Descendant of the US Army WWII Jeep, the Wrangler Rubicon is arguably the most capable off-road 4WD in a base model from any manufacturer. The truck style chassis facilitates it’s exceptional off-road performance, and the 2-door version will corner tightly through tricky terrain.

Choose a removable hard-top or fold-down soft roof to configure your Jeep as the classic open air original, or protect yourself from the elements with a fully closed body.

3. Jeep Renegade

This is Jeep’s first true cross-over, with distinctive styling that’s proud to stand apart. It’s more comfortable on the road than the Wrangler, and still an unmatched, truly capable four wheel drive.

From the city streets to outback adventures, the Renegade is a great choice for families who like to explore the outdoors.

*Over a five-year loan term.

Image courtesy of Jeep

Want to drive a Jeep?

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