Why drive a Volkswagen?

The very first VW Beetle arrived in Australia in 1953 and, along with the retro Kombi van, has made Volkswagen’s part of Australian culture.

Encouraging skilful, safe driving, Volkswagen’s Driving Experience program available at five venues across Australia gives drivers the chance to test the newest VW’s while mastering cornering, skid control and slalom.

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Your Volkswagen car loan

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Our Favourite Volkswagens:

1. Volkswagen Golf

With a range including a hot hatch, a comfortable city car, and even a wagon, the Golf is well-suited to country driving with fatigue detection that reminds you when to take a break.

The full range of technology and safety features includes an AWD option, alloy wheels, LED daytime driving lights, the cabin offers a delightful balance of style and ergonomics.

The direct injection turbocharged petrol engine puts out 110kW and 250Nm, with 340Nm torque in the diesel. This car handles well and from inside the cabin, you’d think you’re in a larger luxury vehicle.

Image courtesy of Car Advice

2. Volkswagen Polo

Image courtesy of Drive

The smallest VW has five doors and can be fairly classified as a ‘supermini’. With alloy wheels, a rearview camera, a fuel-efficient turbocharged engine and the latest connectivity the Polo is primed for urban adventure.

The standard range of features can be supplemented with accessories and extra features including adaptive cruise control.

The latest model is bigger, stronger and safer than previous editions, without any added weight. Available in 14 body colours, there’s room to express yourself.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan

Blending practicality with fun, the VW Tiguan is really a “hot-hatch SUV” offering all-wheel-drive with a punchy engine. Inside, a slick infotainment system and driver personalisation make this family SUV a comfortable ride for everyone inside.

There are lots of thoughtful extras, like four sunglasses holders, and a driver assistance package for parking. A solid jack-of-all-trades, this sporty SUV will quickly become an important part of the family.

*over a five-year loan term.

Image courtesy of Car and Driver

See yourself in a Volkswagen?

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