Why drive a Nissan?

With three years of standard roadside assistance and a standard three-year factory warranty, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

NissanConnect connects you to Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor and Online Search powered by Google. See events, check in on arrival, discover a new bakery or beach location – it’s all powered by your voice.

With pioneering technology such as the popular electric Nissan Leaf and intelligent driving technologies now testing in Japan, you’re a step ahead of the curve with Nissan car finance.

You can buy a Nissan using Nissan finance.

Why choose Positive Lending Solutions for your Nissan car loan?

A Nissan car loan from Positive Lending Solutions will get you the keys faster, with a better deal on Nissan finance.

  • Using a car loan broker, rather than a bank or car dealer, you’ll get a larger choice of Nissan car loans to maximise your savings.
  • Exceptional Nissan car loans from recognised leading lenders.
  • Talk to someone who’s local.
  • Faster approvals and settlements through our custom technology and lender connections – don’t wait for an answer.
  • Too busy, or not sure what you need? Use our vehicle sourcing service and have us find, check and deliver your new Nissan.

At Positive Lending Solutions, you can be confident that your lending manager will listen carefully to exactly what you need and deliver a Nissan car loan that fits your finances perfectly.

Your Nissan car loan

Getting the right car loan to buy your chosen Nissan is easy.

  1. Save up to 17% on Nissan finance.
  2. 90% of applications are approved within 24 hours.
  3. Buy dealer new, secondhand or private sale.
  4. Self-employed or low-income? No worries!
  5. Get Nissan finance anywhere from your mobile phone.
  6. Same-day loan settlement as your Nissan car loan contracts will be emailed right to you.
  7. Choose how you want to communicate – SMS, email or telephone!

Talk to our friendly staff on 1300 722 210 about getting your easy Nissan car loan.

Most Popular Nissans:

1. Nissan Navara

A strong, dependable ute, the sleek styling, comfort and power will take you confidently from the workday week to weekend exploration. Available in single, king and dual cab.

The twin-turbo diesel engine allows unparalleled fuel economy for a vehicle of this size compared to the competition.

Image courtesy of Car Advice

2. Nissan Pathfinder

Image courtesy of Car Advice

This 7-seater family SUV will keep everyone comfortable with tri-zone climate control, adult-size seats front to back, large windows and an optional panoramic glass roof.

Tow a boat, caravan, or trailer comfortably with the V6’s 2,700kg braked towing capacity. The torque-assisted electric motor works in tandem with the petrol engine to conserve fuel when starting, coasting, or stopping.

You can go anywhere with the intelligent 4×4 system that adjusts the drive configuration to suit the terrain.

3. Nissan Qashqai

The first in its class to enter the market in 2007, it still holds well in what’s now a very competitive field.

Built for comfort, the Qashqai is spacious with lots of connectivity features, ideal for a small family.

*Over a five-year loan term.

Image courtesy of Car Advice

Want to drive a Nissan?

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